Her Prized Obsession

| Washington, DC, USA | Working | January 10, 2013

(Our boss has tasked us with asking customers to sign up for reward cards. If we do, the one who gets the most to sign-ups gets a prize. I don’t care if I win, so I decide to ask only if I feel like it. However, my other coworkers are very competitive.)

Customer: “Can I make my payment, please?”

Me: “Of course you may.” *gives total* “Thank you very much. Would you like to sign up for this?” *explains reward card*

Customer: “Uh, sure! Of course!”

Me: “Great!”

Aggressive Coworker: *to me* “What the H*** is going on here?!”

Me: “This lady is just signing up for the rewards program.”

Aggressive Coworker: “Bulls***! I spent THIRTY MINUTES helping her out, and YOU get the rewards! That’s CRAP!”

(Other coworkers and customers turn to stare. Meanwhile, the customer I’ve helped is clearly uncomfortable with my coworker, and is hurriedly trying to fill out the rewards form.)

Me: “Uh well, all you had to do was ask her, you know.”

Aggressive Coworker: “Doesn’t matter! I think I should get counted for this signup instead of you, because I spent so much time with her!”

(My aggressive coworker SLAPS the customer with back of the hand on her arm.)

Aggressive Coworker: “Didn’t I, lady?!”

Customer: “….Sure.”

(My customer finishes, throws the form at me, and practically runs out the door.)

Aggressive Coworker: “See! So, gimme what I earned! Or ELSE!”

(I decide to just let my coworker have it so she doesn’t continue scaring everyone. Later, I complain to the manager about her behavior, but I get blamed for starting a fight. I promptly quit. Much later, I ran into the aggressive coworker in the supermarket. Turns out, she been fired for being caught watching adult movies on the company’s computer!)

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