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Her Priorities Seem Fine

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I’m getting married. Some extended family decide they don’t like it because my fiancée and I are both women. My dad isn’t having any of their nonsense.

Cousin: “How are you going to explain it to the kids?”

Dad: “Explain what?”

Cousin: “That their sister isn’t marrying a man! They’re too young to understand.”

Dad: “I’ve been married four times and they’ve handled that just fine. But okay. I’ll explain.”

He turns to my youngest sister, who is seven years old.

Dad: “Hey, [Sister], your sister is getting married to a woman.”

Sister: “Are we going to the wedding?”

Dad: “Yeah.”

Sister: “Will there be cake?”

Dad: “Sure will. But there are two brides, not a bride and a groom.”

Sister: “Okay. Will I be able to have some of the cake?”

Dad: *To the cousin* “I think she’s fine.”

My sister is a big fan of my wife. There are pictures of them at the reception hugging and eating cake together.

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