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Her Personality Is As Rotten As That Milk Is About To Become

, , , , , | Right | February 14, 2021

The hoarders are currently at their worst and I, like many others, am trying to get by on what we can. Having no luck at the big supermarket, I drop into my local independent corner stop to try my luck.

As I turn the corner, I watch a woman clear the refrigerator of all the milk left. It must be a dozen large bottles of milk. She smirks at me as she sees me waiting.

After she waddles off, I find someone who works there.

Me: “I don’t suppose you have any more milk?”

Worker: “Is there none in the fridge?”

Me: “No, someone took everything left.”

Worker: “I’m not sure we have had a delivery yet; let me look in the back.”

He disappears and comes back with one of each type.

Me: “Oh, thank you. It’s hard getting the kids to bed without their milk.”

Worker: “No worries. She did us both a favour, really.”

Me: “Who?”

Worker: “You said a woman took the lot earlier? My boss just told me to empty the fridge as that was all going out of date soon.”

When I think of hoarders, I think of that woman, buying dozens of pints of soon-to-be rancid milk.

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