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Her Parenting Ain’t Worth Spit

, , , | Right | December 9, 2021

A family of about twelve comes in. Due to health guidelines, we’re only allowed to seat six per table. They walk up to me and one of the ladies says:

Customer: “We have a reservation for fifteen but we might have a couple more coming.”

So this isn’t even all of them?!

Me: *Politely.* “We can’t accept tables bigger than six, and we’re also not taking reservations at the moment.”

Customer: *Livid.* “You liar! I called earlier and you accepted my reservations!”

Her complaining goes on and on. I go to grab my manager and he basically says everything I said. Then she gets aggressive, points her finger in my face, spitting on me as she shouts:

Customer: “My kid’s dinner is ruined and they’re gonna starve now! It’s all your fault!”

Me: “It’s not my fault you’re incompetent and make false promises to your kids. Don’t blame being a bad mom on me because I just work here.”

Soooooo my boss sends me on time out, but I didn’t get fired. He told me to just leave next time if I’m gonna get upset.

Question of the Week

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