Her Narrow Interests Really Take The Cake

Related | January 14, 2016

(I recently got engaged and my sister is my maid of honour. Up until now, she hasn’t really been that interested in planning the wedding with me. Note that she is very skinny and I’m plus-sized.)

Sister: “Have you thought about your wedding cake yet? What kind are you getting?”

Me: “I really don’t know. I just looked into it, and they cost so unbelievably much, like almost €1000.”

Sister: “You should get like, three cakes. I love cake.”

Me: “Did you not just hear me say what they cost? I don’t even like cake that much…”

Sister: *interrupting* “Seriously. Just get the cakes. I really love cake. It should be chocolate.”

Me: “Why can’t you be as interested in your bridesmaid dress as you are in cake? Or any other food…”

Sister: “But I am interested! Especially in the other food. What else are you going to serve?”

Me: “How on god’s earth are you the skinny one?!”

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