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Her Meanness Went From 1-800

, , , , , | Right | June 23, 2020

I work as a courtesy clerk at a major grocery store chain, meaning I stock shelves, clean, bag, bring in carts, and help customers.

Intercom: “Courtesy clerk to self-checkout. Courtesy clerk, self-checkout.”

I walk over to self-checkout to see what they need me to do. A cashier is manning the area and the nearby check stand #1.

Cashier: “Hey, [My Name], can you price check this ice cream for this customer? She says it’s on sale for $4.49 but the thing is ringing up $5.99.”

Me: “Yeah, sure, be right back.”

I walk over to the ice cream section of frozen foods and see that all flavors of the ice cream are on sale for $4.49 except the flavor the customer wants. I walk back over to self-checkout.

Me: “Sorry about that, ma’am, but this flavor of ice cream is still $5.99; however, all other flavors are $4.49.”

Customer: *Frustrated* “Check again, please.”

Me: “More than happy to! Be right back.”

I hurry back over to verify I was correct, making sure the tag number for the flavor doesn’t match a $4.49 tag. I find that I am still correct that the ice cream is $5.99. I hurry back over to the customer.

Me: “I’m really sorry, ma’am. I checked again and it’s still $5.99, not $4.49. This flavor is not on sale.”

Customer: “God d*** it, you people.”

The cashier who called me walks over to clear the ice cream off the woman’s order. The customer smacks the cashier’s hand away and tells her to not f****** touch her stuff.

Cashier: “I’m sorry, ma’am. He checked and the price the machine says is correct. Please do not get upset at him; it’s only his second week here.”

The customer turns to the cashier.

Customer: “You used to be nice, going out of your way to help every customer. Now you’re hiding, trying to avoid all of us. I’ve called the 1-800 number on you before, and I’ll have to do it again.”

The woman storms off without paying, leaving me to put back all of her groceries. When I finish, the cashier calls me over to self-checkout again.

Cashier: “[My Name], don’t worry about her. She’s always nasty when she comes in here. You did your job and you did nothing wrong.”

She smiled at me to brighten my mood, which it did. We laughed it off.

I found out the next day at work that the lady did call the 1-800 number on the cashier, and corporate sent an email to the general manager, who told the cashier. No punishments were given, as nobody did anything wrong. I have not seen that woman in the store since.