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Her Ignorance Is Priceless

, , , | Right | September 10, 2018

(It’s late in the season and not a lot of visitors. I’m manning the reception desk of a fairly large museum alone; the only other person in the building currently is a middle-aged lady.)

Lady: “The blue dress in the exhibition!”

Me: “Yes?”

Lady: “I was just wondering how much it would be?”

Me: “Well, it’s from the 1700s and very well preserved, so a similar dress at an antiques store would probably be fairly costly, but the museum acquired it…”

Lady: “Yes, but how much for it?!”

Me: “I’m… afraid I don’t understand you.”

Lady: “Can you open the thingy? I would like to try it on!”

Me: “You… want me to open a temperature regulated, specially built display case so that you can put on a several centuries old and very frail linen garment?”

Lady: “Yes?”

Me: “Madam, this is not a store. The items on display are not for sale.”

(The lady looked extremely perplexed, mumbled something about a costume party, and went back into the exhibition. I suppose she got us confused with costume rental…)

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