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Her Filter Melted In The Heat

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I’m doing some grocery shopping and it is hot as heck. The store has some AC, but staff have also put some fans out on the shop floor to keep the air circulating.

A shopper walks up to one of the fans, lifts up her dress, and starts cooling her very, VERY sweaty body against the industrial-strength fan. Flicks of her sweat start spraying along the aisle and some of the items. An older woman shopper is caught in the crossfire.

Older Woman Shopper: “How disrespectful! Go get a cold shower; don’t be the cold shower!”

Sweaty Customer: “F*** off, you old b****. It’s a hundred degrees!”

Older Woman Shopper: “And? It’s the same temperature for you as it is for the rest of us! You don’t see anyone else spraying their s*** all over the store!”

Sweaty Customer: “God wasted a good opportunity not to kill you in this heatwave!”

Older Woman Shopper: “God wasted a good a**hole when he put teeth in your mouth!”

I snorted loudly. So did a staff member who came by to intervene. The argument was over. The heatwave had caused its best burn.

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