Her Eyes Are Going To Fall Out At This Rate

, , | Right | August 6, 2018

(Our rooms sell for about $60 on average. We are an extremely basic, no-frills motel. You get a bed, and a bathroom, and that’s it. A lady that is more well-dressed than the average customer walks to the desk. Her eyes are bulging out as she takes in our tiny lobby.)

Me: “Good morning.”

Customer: “I heard that there is free breakfast included?”

Me: “Right behind you.”

(She turns, and her eyes bulge out even more at our breakfast, which I admit, is pretty small; it’s just coffee and bagels. She takes tongs and pokes at a bagel, sniffs, and sets it down. Then she walks up to the desk again.)

Customer: “Do you have a comment card?”

(Comment cards are for the managers. I took one out and gave it to her, and she filled it out. I didn’t read it, but I told her that I’d give it to the manager, and she looked offended that I didn’t bother to read it. She left. In retrospect, I can see her point of view, but what did she expect from a MOTEL at less than $60 a night?)

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