Her Depth Perception Is Unparalleled

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I live in a small narrow street with little parking space. If you want to park your car, you have to master the art of parallel parking. One evening my doorbell rings. There’s a young girl at my door asking me if I could move my car forward so she can park her car.

She is acting like I’m taking up two parking spaces with my car. I go with her and have a look just to find that there’s enough space behind my car to park a stretched limousine. The girl drives a Fiat 500, and if she knew how to parallel park she could have parked her car without any problem. I tell her that.

The girl gets more irate and tells me that I have to move my f****** car and learn how to park. I take out my phone and start taking pictures of her, her car, her license plates, and my car — just in case she gets really crazy. Next, I tell her that I’m not moving my car and that she’d better learn to park.

Just as I’m saying this, a neighbour comes driving in her Mercedes station car and parks it behind my car without any problems. She gets out of her car and asks me what’s going on.
Before I can say anything, the young girl gets into her Fiat and races off.

A police car has to make an emergency stop to avoid her while she crosses an intersection without even slowing down. The police go after her. I don’t know what happens next, but I’ll guess that she will get a lecture about road safety and how to drive a car.

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