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Her Complaint Was NOT Watered Down

, , , | Right | June 27, 2020

My family owns a dairy restaurant. I help them out sometimes. We serve ice cream products plus burgers, fries, chicken, etc.

One night, I make a young woman a chocolate milkshake and she is not satisfied. She complains to my uncle who co-owns the restaurant.

Customer: “This milkshake is watered down!”

Uncle: “I’m sorry if you’re not satisfied. We actually don’t put water in our milkshakes, though! If you give me your milkshake, I’ll take it and make you another one.”

Customer: “Um… I don’t think I will. Can’t you just make me another milkshake and let me keep this one?”

Uncle: “I’m sorry, but anytime an order is wrong or a customer isn’t satisfied with their order, we have to take the other order back and get you a new one.”

The girl drives off with her husband. She calls and I pick up the phone

Me: “[Restaurant], this is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “I don’t appreciate you cussing me out when the milkshake you made me was nasty! I know [Co-Owner] and I’ll tell him that you cussed me out!”

Me: “I didn’t cuss you out. I am sorry you weren’t satisfied with your order. If you had given us your old milkshake, we would have given you another one. Also, I know [Co-Owner], too, and he is my uncle. He knows I didn’t cuss you out! My family owns the restaurant.”

Customer: “Well, you have a s***ty day!” *Hangs up*

The customer is now banned from the restaurant.