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Her Capacity For Logic Has Checked Out

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I’m at a fairly high-end clothing store buying a dress for my brother’s wedding. While standing in line with my purchases, I notice that although each person has only two or three items, the line hasn’t moved for several minutes.

When it’s my turn, I go to the register and put my items on the counter.

Cashier: “What’s your phone number?”

Me: “[Number].”

Cashier: “Hmm, I hope I got it. Can you repeat it?”

I start to repeat it, and as soon as I finish the area code, she stops me.

Cashier: “No, I definitely got that wrong. Come closer and say it again.”

I lean in as close as I can — bending around the Plexiglass divider she’s behind — and repeat the number.

Cashier: “Okay, I think I got it. [Number], right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Cashier: “Okay. Next, you’re going to answer the question on the PIN-pad.”

This turns out to be, basically, “Do you want us to call you with our special offers?” I select “No,” because I hate dressing up and very rarely have occasion to visit a store like this one.

Me: “Do you need my phone number for any reason other than calling with the special offers?”

Cashier: “No.”

Me: “Then, wouldn’t it save some time if you asked whether I wanted to be called first? Then if the answer is no, you wouldn’t have to ask for my number at all.”

Cashier: “Oh, you know what? Let’s start over and I’ll remove your number from our system.”

Me: “I’m not concerned about privacy. I’m just saying that it would have saved some time to ask if I wanted to be called first.” 

Cashier: “I’ve cancelled the transaction. Now, come around here, and I’ll show you that I’m removing your number.”

Me: “Okay.”

I figured it would take longer to explain what I meant than to just let her remove my number. On the plus side, now I know why it takes so long to check out at that store.

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