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Her Cake Order Is A Lie

, , | Right | December 14, 2021

I’m a cake decorator. An older customer had ordered a half-sheet cake with a filling and decorations and has come to collect it.

Me: “That will be $40.”

Customer: *Upset.* “I swore I ordered a quarter sheet.”

She hadn’t, but…

Me: “I can remake the smaller cake with a last-minute fee.”

She agrees and leaves. I make her cake and her new cake is $37 with the fees for filling, decoration, and the late fee. She comes back and I give her the price.

Customer: *Screaming.* “I’m paying $25 for the cake because that’s what I paid two months ago for [different cake]!”

She wouldn’t stop throwing a hissy fit stomping her foot, screaming, and almost crying like a toddler until the store manager gives in.

Manager: “Okay, I will give you the cake for $25.”

The customer gets a smug look of satisfaction.

Manager: “But you’re also banned from the store.”

The smug look disappeared.

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