Her Brain Is A Void

| Working | November 6, 2015

(I work at a convenience store that accepts electronic checks. Before going electronic, the registers would endorse the check and they would go in our cash drawers. Now, the checks get processed electronically. The register scans and accepts the check as payment, then we flip it over to the written side and the word ‘void’ is printed on it before being handed back to the customer. The money comes out of the customer’s account, and they get the now-voided check back to prevent reuse or fraud. I ask my manager about some rumors I’d heard about a coworker having a problem with the electronic checks.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], what happened with [Coworker] and somebody’s check?”

Manager: “Oh, my god. This lady’s check wouldn’t process electronically. So she just wrote ‘void’ on it and gave it back to her.”

Me: “She VOIDED it!?”

(Instead of putting the check in her drawer like we used to, she voided it and sent the customer on their way with more than $70 worth of stuff. For free. My coworker had to pay that back herself. We still shake our heads at that stroke of genius!)

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