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Her Baggage Is Not The Kind You Can Stamp

, , , , | Right | October 30, 2019

(At our store, if you bring in a reusable bag, you get a stamp on a card. Fill up the card — ten stamps — and you get a dollar-off coupon. The customer has just finished up an epic, ten-minute long rant about how she is never going to shop here again. Two managers and one shift leader were called over to talk to her at various points. She dared us to have the police called on her for making a scene because she felt that strongly about never coming back. She told every cashier she hopes we’ll quit and never have to set foot in the store again. And then, she buys her cartful of groceries. As you can imagine, it’s really awkward to be the cashier checking her out. As I finish putting her things into her bag, she starts to storm off, and then pauses.)

Customer: “Oh, before I forget, I need to start a new bag card. I used one bag today; can you stamp this for me?”

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