Her Baby, Which She’ll Replace Every Two Years

, , | Right | September 28, 2019

(A woman walks into the store with something held closely to her chest. It is obvious that she is crying.)

Me: “How may I help you?”

Customer: “My baby… My baby is dead…”

(Not knowing what to expect, I get nervous and turn a bit pale. She then shows me what she is holding: a smartphone with a black screen.)

Customer: “I don’t know what to do… It’s so important to me… And it’s my little darling… Please help me…” *single tear running down her face*

(The phone doesn’t react at first, but after removing and inserting the battery pack again it works just fine. Her eyes go wide and she stutters softly.)

Me: “Don’t worry. If you want, you can call it a hiccup. I fixed it and it should be working just fine. Let me know if I can help you from time to time.”

(She thanked me a few times and gave me a tip, all while the other customers stood there, not knowing if to giggle or be concerned. I wasn’t laughing, but it sure was something to talk about with my coworkers.)

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