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Her Argument Rings Hollow

, , , , | Friendly | August 13, 2019

(I have parked in a disabled space. I get out and head to the store. There is a woman having a cigarette who notices me and practically sprints to me.)

Woman: “You self-entitled prick!”

Me: *taken aback*

Woman: “It’s people like you who make life unbearable for the rest of us.”

Me: “You mean the disabled space? I’m–”

Woman: “–a self-entitled a***hole who wants to make disabled people like me, who can barely walk, suffer!”

(I sigh, lift my leg, and knock hard against my right shin. It sounds hollow. The woman recoils at the noise in disgust.)

Me: “I’m an amputee.”

(Normally, this is enough to end the situation, but in this instance, the woman continued to look disgusted until she started shaking and collapsed on the floor. I panicked, thinking she had fainted. I tried to check her pulse before trying to run to the store for help. I heard movement behind me and saw the woman getting up and running to her car. I stopped and stared at her as she fumbled to unlock the door. She noticed and flipped me off before getting in and driving away.)

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