Helpless Against His Helpfulness

| Working | December 29, 2015

(I’m busy stocking coolers with fresh food and drinks when I get down on my knees to stock the lowest shelf. I have in my lap the clear plastic tub we use to store food in the storage room which is also keeping the cooler door propped open. This is no problem; it’s light enough and I’m taller than the cooler. As I’m stocking an associate from another department comes up and pulls open the door further which knocks the tub from my lap and I look up at him confused.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Associate: “What? Helping you? I thought you needed help.”

Me: “No, I got it. It’s fine.” *he continues to hold the door open* “Really.” *he lets go to let it fly back at me but I catch it*

Associate: “So-rry. I was just trying to help you.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I’m just not used to people helping me out, I guess.”

Associate: “The correct response is ‘thank you.’”

(I had a completely different response in my mind that I thought was also correct.)

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