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Helping You Put Food On The Table

, , | Hopeless | July 9, 2016

(My husband, son, and I are looking for a table after we order our food. It is a hot June day and the only tables available are outside with no shade umbrellas. I put my son in the high chair while my husband gets a drink and spots an empty table inside.)

Husband: “Hey, there’s a table in here!”

Me: “I can’t carry all our stuff and [Son] inside. Can you come help me?”

(My husband steps outside to help carry everything in and just as we get up to the table, I see another couple standing next to the empty table we were moving to, and I assume they’re trying to sit down, until I overhear the woman talking to her husband…)

Woman: “Hold on, these people are moving inside because it’s too hot for their baby. I’m just going to stand here so no one tries to take their table!”

(I thanked the woman for her sweet gesture, and she simply smiled and waved as they left the restaurant. It was just a small thing, but it made our dinner much more enjoyable for our whole family!)

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