Helping With Their Ballooning Ambitions

| Related | February 11, 2015

(I’m at a massive family reunion and taking a moment to enjoy the peace and calm by the lake away from the social whirl. I’m approached by three kids who are holding their hands behind their backs.)

Kid #1: “Hi! Um, are you carrying a cell phone, or anything like that?”

Me: “…yes.”

Kid #2: “Could you maybe, like, put it down for a minute or two?”

Me: “No. But, you see the big guy up there?” *points back at the cabin* “That’s my cousin, [Cousin], and he would LOVE it if you threw some water balloons at him.”

Kids: “Okay!”

(Two of them run off. The oldest one looks at me.)

Kid #3: “How did you know we had water balloons?”

Me: “I was a kid at these kinds of family things at one time, too. Ask [Cousin] about it when he dries off.”