Helpfulness is Au-t Of His Domain

| Sydney, Australia | Working | February 27, 2013

Me: “…so, in summary, I just need you to send me the password recovery email and I’ll be on my way. My account is linked to ******@******”

Tech Guy: “Okay, I’ve sent one to ******@******.com.”

Me: “Um, no, sorry; there’s a .au on the end of my address. ”

Tech Guy: “No there isn’t. ”

Me: “…Pardon?”

Tech Guy: “There isn’t a .au on the end. That email provider is just .com. You’re confused because you’re in Australia; it happens.”

Me: “No, I’m completely positive that this is my account. It’s the email my account is linked with; I’m looking at my inbox right now, and I can assure you there is a .au on the end. Could you please just send it there?”

Tech Guy: *sighs* “Fine, I’ve sent another to ******@******.com. Have you checked your junk folder?”

Me: “No, because you’re sending it to the wrong address. Can I talk to a supervisor please?”

(This goes back and forth for several minutes, with me continuously requesting that he send it to the .au account and him refusing to do so. FINALLY, he agrees.)

Tech Guy: “Look, I’ve just sent it to this .au address, but rest assured it won’t show up because that email account doesn’t exist.”

Me: “Oh, look at that. It just arrived! It seems the .au account was the right one after all!”

Tech Guy: “…No it wasn’t.” *click*

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