Hell’s Kitchen

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(I work as a bar supervisor in a large hotel. The hotel has a very good restaurant that has earned many awards, and is the main reason that we get so many customers. Most of the restaurant staff is very professional and capable, but one waitress has a very bad attitude. She is often rude to her coworkers and spends half her shifts in the bathroom on her phone. She has had plenty of warnings, more than enough for the company to fire her, but she is dating one of the chefs and he has told the restaurant manager that he will resign if she is fired. One evening, after she has ditched work an hour early, I have gone in to help the restaurant staff clear up. I am the only person attending the bar, but it’s very quiet. The general manager comes in.)

General Manager: “[My Name], what are you doing in here? You’re supposed to be on the bar.”

Me: “There’s nobody in the lounge, so I came in here to help out. I can see the bar in case anybody comes for service, don’t worry.”

General Manager: “But why are you in here?”

Me: “They’re short handed, so I’m helping.”

General Manager: “What? I thought there were plenty of people on this shift!”

Restaurant Manager: “There were, but [Bad Waitress] walked out.”

General Manager: “Which one is she?”

Restaurant Manager: “The one you told me I couldn’t fire because her boyfriend would resign.”

General Manager: “Oh… yeah. Sorry, but we can’t afford to lose him.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but may I ask why not? I mean, he’s only just finished his training, and it isn’t like he’s in a position of responsibility.”

General Manager: “What do you mean? I thought she was going out with [Highly Trained and Experienced Head Chef]!”

Restaurant Manager: “No, she’s going out with [Low Ranking Chef who scraped through his college courses and keeps getting in trouble for cutting corners].”

General Manager: “Tell me you’re joking.”

Me: “No. We thought you knew.”

General Manager: “How long has it been that I’ve wanted to fire her? It must be bloody months! Well, f*** them both!”

(The waitress was fired the moment she turned up for her next shift. Her boyfriend didn’t follow through with his threat to resign, but he was fired a few months later for stealing meat from the freezer. Both were replaced within 24 hours of being fired, by much better people.)

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