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Hello, How May I Judge You

| Working | May 29, 2013

(Note: I work two jobs and thus rarely have a day off. My surgery has recently added a new policy that you cannot make appointments in advance; they have to be booked on the day.)

Me: “Hi, I need an appointment today to get a renewal for [medication].”

Receptionist: “We don’t have any appointments today. Call back tomorrow.”

Me: “I’m sorry to be difficult, but the thing is, I need my next packet of medication by the end of next week, and I am working full days until then.”

Receptionist: “Hold.”

(I wait on hold for five minutes before she comes back.)

Receptionist: “There aren’t any appointments today. Call back tomorrow.”

Me: “I can’t; I am working all day tomorrow.”

Receptionist: “Call on your next day off, then.”

Me: “I am really sorry, but I need this medication before the next day off. The appointment doesn’t have to be with a doctor. I have had it with the nurse before.”

Receptionist: “No it has to be a doctor. Hold.”

(Another five minutes on hold…)

Receptionist: “If you knew this was going to happen, why didn’t you call us sooner to arrange an appointment for today?”

Me: “I did; I was told I couldn’t book in advance. It had to be an on the day appointment.”

Receptionist: “It does. But we ran out of appointments for today on Friday. You should have called before. Hold.”

(This time, I hear the button press. However, I don’t think she put me on hold properly as I can hear her talking.)

Receptionist: “This b**** is being really difficult now. What the f*** is wrong with her?”

Co-worker: “Still insisting she has a job?”

Receptionist: “Yeah, and apparently she ‘works every day.’ Yeah, right.”

Co-worker: “Probably unemployed, scrounging off the government, believing she is entitled to get what she wants when she wants.”

(They then proceeded to talk about random other things before I give up and hang up on them. In the end I had to book a day off work in order to get the appointment I needed.)

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