Hell In A Handbag

| | Right | August 27, 2009

Me: “That will be 17.50, please.”

Customer: “Are you a Christian, dear?”

Me: “Why do you ask?”

Customer: “Are you?”

Me: “Well, no. Why do you want to know?”

Customer: “Oh. I would like to be helped by someone else, please.”

Manager: “Good morning ma’am, I hear you’ve been having a problem with the clerk?”

Customer: “Oh, she didn’t make any trouble, it’s just that I don’t want my money to be handled by someone not of the faith. You should be careful, she’ll probably nick from the till when you’re not looking.”

Manager: “You’re right, ma’am, I shall definitely have to reprimand her.”

Me: *surprised* “What for?”

Manager: “For failing to notice that the lady was not planning on paying for the three Mars bars and the map of Europe she must have put in her bag while you were fetching me.”

(The customer freezes for a second, then looks at her bag.)

Customer: “Good heavens! I must’ve been so distracted I didn’t even notice the devil putting them there!”

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  • Edward Anderson

    Thanks lady for giving Christians everywhere a bad reputation. >:(

    • Vira Vandom

      The religion itself gives its own bad reputation.

      • Geki Gangar

        No, only intolerant people like you who refuse to stop judging and actually learn about it give it a bad name. Atheists have to lie and create stories like this to shove their agenda down our throats.

        • Vira Vandom

          I’m intolerant of a religion that commands its followers to kill all non-believers… yet you have a problem with ME? I HAVE learned about it; learning the truth about it, from its own sources, is why I left the religion in the first place.

          “Atheists have to lie and create stories like this to shove their agenda down our throats.”

          Except that I’ve experienced 3 religious people telling me that I should “kill myself”, one that they want to decapitate me, and one even said I should be lit on fire along with everything I own. I’m not an atheist, but I highly doubt that this story is “made up to give xians a bad name”.

    • Moon


  • Geki Gangar

    Didn’t happen. At all.