Hell? I’m Already There

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(I work part-time as a home health aide. I have a client who’s a former professor and used to be a delight. Lately, however, he’s been trying to engage me in religious debates, even though I’ve told him I don’t like discussing such matters. He also has a rigid and very unkind interpretation of religious morality, which I am dismayed to discover.)

Client: “How do you feel about gay people going to Hell?”

Me: “I’ve told you, I don’t believe in Hell.”

Client: “But what if it’s true, and people go to Hell for being gay?”

Me: “Then I guess I’m going to Hell.”

Client: “But if you stop and ask forgiveness, you could go to Heaven.”

Me: “I have a feeling I’d prefer the company in Hell, actually.”

Client: “But—“

Me: “Do you want a caregiver who’s straight?”

Client: “No, I like you. I want to help you! That’s why I pray for you.”

Me: “Listen. You can do whatever you want when I’m not here. But debating the morality of my sexuality is not happening. If you talk about my sexuality again, I will quit.”

Client: *chuckles*

Me: “I’m not joking.”

(He dropped the subject after that. I’d been warned months before when I first took him on that getting aides to stay with him was difficult. Up until this incident, I’d been thoroughly confused as to why.)

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