He’ll Have The Telepathy Sub With Extra Cheese

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(I work in a sandwich shop. There are a bunch of people who are regulars to the store and order the same sandwich everyday, every single time they came in. The only problem is, I am new and don’t know these people OR their orders. A customer comes into the shop and stands at the glass partition. I stare at him through the glass, waiting for him to begin his order. Often when people come into the shop, they start their order without acknowledgement, making the workers rush to remember everything they’re saying in their order. After about two minutes of him staring at me, I decide to speak up.)

Me: “Welcome to [Sandwich Shop]. What bread would you like to start with today?”

Customer: “I come here every single day; you don’t know what my sandwich is by now?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I’m a new employee. If you tell me how you like your sandwich, I’ll be sure to remember for when you come in next time.” *forced grin*

Customer: “Ugh! Can’t you just get one of the other workers from the back, then? How about the [race] girl? She knows me.”

Me: “Sure.”

(I go to the back and find the worker he is asking for, and she laughs saying something along the lines of, “Oh, I know him. Yeah, he’s here every day.” She then goes out to make his sandwich, chatting with him the whole time and laughing it up while I stand at the register. When is finished, he comes to the register and stares at me again.)

Me: “What sandwich did you order, sir?”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “The sandwich that she made? What sandwich was it, so I can ring it up?”

Customer: *glares at me* “Are you f****** kidding me?”

(Without missing a beat, the other worker came in and rang him up, saving me from getting yelled at, and shook her head at me while saying, “You really need to work on your customer service.”)

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