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Hekate Save Me From This Teacher!

, , , , | Learning | October 25, 2019

(It is my freshman year, and my first year in a public school. My science teacher has had it out for me all year.)

Teacher: “We’re diving into evolution in the coming weeks. I know most of you have been taught the basics, but because of some people in this class, I’ll have to go over simple things.”

(I hold back from rolling my eyes. I know the teacher is talking about me, wrong though he is. Instead, I wait for him to start asking us questions to figure out what the rest of the class knows.)

Teacher: “So, let’s start. Can anyone tell me what a common ancestor is?”

(I raise my hand, because I have a chip on my shoulder at this point. I am the only student to raise their hand. Still, he doesn’t call on me. Instead, he calls on another student who is very bright but easily bored in easy classes, so she hasn’t been paying attention.)

Other Student: “What was the question?”

Me: “He wanted to know what a common ancestor is, which is the species from which two other species originated.”

Teacher: “I didn’t call on you. Where did you even learn that? You were homeschooled. What, were you rebelling against your parents and picked up a science book?”

(No one laughs at his attempt at a joke. A couple of my fellow students sigh and sit back.)

Me: “No, I had a secular homeschool curriculum. I learned about evolution.”

Teacher: “Yeah, okay. And did your parents teach you that evolution is ‘just a theory,’ and that the Bible is just as valid?”

Me: “My dad is an atheist and my mom is a pagan. I was homeschooled because we traveled a lot when I was younger.”

Teacher: “Don’t lie to me!”

Friend: “I’ve been to her house; her mom has a shrine to Hekate by the front door and her dad has his Master’s degree on the wall in the–”

Teacher: “Both of you! Out!”

(We were sent into the hall for the rest of the class, where we relaxed and laughed at how ridiculous this teacher has been all year. My parents were eventually called in to speak with the teacher and the principal, where they educated him on our family situation. The teacher left me alone for the rest of the year! That teacher made me wonder why I asked to attend a public high school, but some of the other teachers made up for his bad attitude.)

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