Heavy Handed Rejection

| Romantic | October 17, 2013

(I’m one of four girls in a weight-training PE class. A guy I hardly talk to comes up just as I finish my final set on a particular machine.)

Guy: “Hey [My Name], check this out.”

(He starts using the machine I have just finished. He is grunting as loud as he can.)

Guy: “What do you think about that?”

(Without a word, I make a show in changing the weights back to my own level, which is twice as much as his.)

Me: *mocking his grunting* “This. Is. What. I. Think. About. That.”

(He walks away defeated. My female workout partner comes up behind me.)

Partner: “You know, this is the reason you don’t seem to be popular with many guys at school. However, this is also the reason I like working out with you.”

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