Heat Death

, , , | Right | November 15, 2018

(I work at a big box hardware store that sells a bit of everything. It is October in Wisconsin so it gets rather chilly.)

Customer: “Hey, do you guys have a heater that plugs into a cigarette lighter in the car?”

Me: “Sure! Right this way.”

(I take her to the product.)

Customer: “Oh, this shuts off after twenty minutes; I need one to last longer. I am going to be camping in my car for a few days.”

Me: “Yeah, they shut off for safety reasons; after all, it’s designed to defrost windows and warm up the car while it heats up. But we do have this blanket that plugs into the lighter, as well.”

Customer: “Okay, I will take that, too. You see, my uncle practices his wake every year and we have a big party. He just wants everything to be right when he dies. We all just sleep in our cars.”

Me: “Okay, well, you have a great day!”

(I got away as fast as I could to go tell my coworkers this story. In hindsight, she did look a little frumpy and unkempt, so she could have been homeless and thought of a story to make it seem better for herself, but she could have come up with something a little less bizarre and messed up!)

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