Hearts, Stars, And Horseshoes… And The Yucky

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I am thirteen and my little brother is eight. My mom buys a box of cereal with a leprechaun on the front.

Me: “Mom, don’t buy that. It’s gross.”

Mom: “Huh?”

Me: “That cereal should be called ‘Yucky Charms.’ They’re not delicious. Get me some Mini Wheats.”

Mom: “Your brother loves it.”

Me: “But, Mom, he only likes the marshmallows!”

As predicted, my bratty brother eats only the marshmallows of the cereal and leaves the rest for weeks.

Me: “Mom, we need more cereal!”

Mom: “There is still some left.” 

She points to the semi-eaten box.

Me: “I’m not eating that. Your kid ate only the marshmallows. They’re ‘Yucky Charms.’ He ate all the charms and left only the yucky!”

Mom was mad at him for only eating the sweet stuff and not all of it, and at me for refusing to finish it. She refused to buy any more and that box sat there for YEARS until she pulled it down and wondered aloud why it was there. I explained again and she just shook her head and put it back!

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