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Hearing Paid

, , , , | Right | April 3, 2022

I take over a former coworker’s job selling hearing aids. As I look over his sales, I notice a woman who picked up her order a few years ago but never paid for it as they are given on a loan and are paid for if the customer wishes to keep them.

As she still frequently visits our shop, she probably thought that things were done and forgotten, but not by me.

Me: “Miss? Since you are here, I thought I’d let you know there is still the matter of your 1,000€ hearing aids being unpaid. Would you like to arrange the payment?”

She looks at me like a deer in the headlights but quickly manages to find her composure.

Customer: *Surprisingly, without even trying to deny it* “Oh, haha, yes, well… totally forgot about that. May I choose to pay it in three cash installments?”

She comes back later for her first third of the payment. As I process it at our cash register, she makes a POORLY hidden attempt to swipe the money off the table, followed by her saying:

Customer: “Since you have taken the money, may I have the bill and leave now?”

This is followed by me and my two watching colleagues saying:

Me: “Oh, we didn’t take it. It seems to have fallen down your side of the counter and into your basket. Would you like us to check?”

Her unhappy face upon us discovering her poor attempt to scam us was priceless.

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