Monthly Roundup: October 2018

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It’s time for the October roundup! Our editors have decided among themselves which stories in October deserve the extra attention, regardless of the number of thumbs-ups they received. Out of the 901 stories we posted in the month, we’ve singled out nineteen.

If there are any stories from the last month you feel we should have included, please let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite stories in the poll below! Note: You can choose up to three*. The winner of the previous roundup poll was The Babysitter Blues , from the Related category!

Breast Practice For Dealing With Narrow-Minded People – How to deal with those offended by breast feeding!

Boss Baby – Gotta start them early!

Minimum Wage Is Totally Skippable – Why do minimum wage jobs have maximum requirements?

Cutting Any Potential Mix-Ups Short – Getting a short haircut shouldn’t take this long.

Some Strange Lab Conditions – Even better than drunk texts, are fever texts.

This Museum Rocks! – A precursor to getting a pet rock.

It’s A Bad Sign-us Infection – What do you do when the doctor IS the hypochondriac?

Having Unsanitary Thoughts – The old ways aren’t very lady like.

Not A Different Kettle Of Fish – Constructing a comfortable little prison for your fish.

PTS-Daaaaaa*n Girl! – See what happens when a 5’3″ girl with a softball bat encounters a burglar.

Might Need A New Nanny To Watch Their Privilege – Growing up in a nanny state.

The Mother Of All Voices – The power of the “mom voice” knows no limits.

Acts Of Kindness Can Be A Piece Of Pancake – When in doubt, just give cake.

The Express Yourself Lane – Pregnant women that are about to pop, are also about to explode.

A Storybook Romance – If you don’t like to read, this story is not for you. Also why are you even on this site?

Can’t Recognize A Good Sign – Because sign language is so loud.

It’s Not Going To Be Her Dog-Day Afternoon -Isn’t every story improved with a pooch? Especially ones where the good guys win?

No More Narrow Escapes – For this bad driver, it’s a one-way street to justice.

The Owner’s Reaction Is Nice And Crisp – An ending so satisfying that we saved it for the end.


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*Not Always Hopeless stories are not included in the poll. This is because often they are so lovely they win by default.

, , , | Healthy | November 26, 2018

(I am a receptionist at a radiology clinic.)

Me: “Okay. What is your date of birth?”

Patient: “I’ve been here before.”

(A stare-off ensued while I attempted to read their mind.)

One Flu Way Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

, , , | Healthy | November 25, 2018

(I work in the physical therapy department inside of a hospital. I get a call.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Physical Therapy]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Yeah. I don’t feel good. Can I take tamiflu?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you’ve reached the physical therapy department.”


Me: “Ma’am, our therapists do not give out medical advice regarding medications. Is there another department I can transfer you to, or a doctor’s office?”

Caller: “Yeah, give me Eric.”

Me: “Eric who? Where does he work?”

Caller: “YOU KNOW! ERIC!”

(I have no idea why she thought she should call the physical therapy department to see if she should take tamiflu! And who the heck is Eric?!)

Black Friday Roundup 2018

| Friendly Healthy Hopeless Learning Legal Related Right Romantic Working | November 23, 2018

Black Friday.  The lines. The waiting. The impatient customers. The exhausted and grumpy employees. It can be so overwhelming.


To refresh your spirits, here are some stories of those who battled the crowds and the busy times, in or out of the stores, and won.  Perhaps some should have won an award for Best Customer or Best Employee.


Keeping The Line Moving Is Moving – Not all heroes (of the store) wear a cape.

Working Hard: $100; Holiday Spirit: Priceless – Good customer. Good manager. Good story.

Can’t Vouch For That Scam – It takes just one good customer to turn a bad day around.

Sorry, You’ll Have To Settle For A Burger Civil-Partnership For Now – I Now Pronounce You Customer And Fries.

Dealing with Humans Is A Lottery – Basic decency may be a winner.

The Power Of A (Lack Of A) Name – An unintentional laugh can relieve the tension of busy travel.

Walking Home For Christmas – The best customers are the thoughtful customers.

The Only Thing He Should Be Running Is Scared – When your work is recognized by a higher power… in the company.

Drive It Forward – Making amends leads to a string of kindness.

Another Reason To Be Thankful – Some customers make it all worthwhile.


An extra:

Taking Some Mugshots – Getting a gift that shows your opinions about customers. What a great idea!

You can do some Black Friday online shopping at the Not Always Right Store! 20% off all orders with the code NARBLACK20.    Support your favorite website while you buy some awesome gifts. You know you love us as much as we love you!


The English Patient

, , , , | Healthy | November 23, 2018

(I am about eight years old when my family and I relocate to China for a year. Despite my Chinese heritage, I was born and raised elsewhere, so English is my first language, whereas I tend to struggle with Chinese. In that year, I fall sick enough to warrant a week-long stay at the nearest hospital. My mother and my grandmother accompany me in the daytime to take care of me as well as talk to the nurses and doctors on my behalf. When I’m alone, however, my sole form of entertainment is the TV in the room, which I leave on the only English-speaking channel they have. None of us think much about it until my mom comes in one morning and happens upon two nurses conversing outside my room.)

Nurse #1: “That little girl, she doesn’t talk much when I ask her questions, but she is so focused when it comes to [English channel] on TV. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s all she’s been watching since she got here!”

Nurse #2: “Wow! She’s that dedicated to learning English and keeping up with school, even though she’s this sick? What a studious girl!”

(And that’s how I inadvertently impressed a couple of nurses by lazing around in bed all day watching the telly.)

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