Healer, Hear Thyself, Part 3

| Learning | May 4, 2013

(I am the lead instructor for an Emergency Medical Technician class. During practical sessions, I walk from station to station ensuring that none of my lab instructors or students have questions, no one is falling behind, etc.)

Lab Instructor: “You have been called to the scene of an unresponsive man. You and your partner arrive at the scene with the equipment provided.”

Student #1: “I make sure the scene is safe.”

Lab Instructor: “The scene is safe.”

Student #1: *freezes* “Uh…”

Lab Instructor: “Remember the steps from the certification video.”

Student #1: *points to his partner* “You! Call 911!”

Me: “You… are… 911.”

Student #2: “Well, we’re here!”


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