Head Up In The Clouds

, , | Related | October 1, 2013

(My eight-year-old son has high-functioning autism, and loves to discuss science, math, Greek mythology, and other facts considered boring by the other kids his age. Most of his discussions happen on the backseat of our car with his little audience being his five-year-old brother, who couldn’t care less about the world outside his Nintendo DS.)

Eight-Year-Old Son: “What are clouds?”

Five-Year-Old Son: “White cottony stuff in the sky?”

Eight-Year-Old Son: “Clouds are drops of water…”

(My eight-year old goes yapping about clouds while his audience rolls his eyes and huffs in boredom.)

Eight-Year-Old Son: “…the highest clouds are called cirrus…”

Five-Year-Old Son: “Oh my God! This is killing me!”

Eight-Year-Old Son: “You need to read and learn. Now the lowest clouds are—”

Five-Year-Old Son: “I know I know! Lowest cloud is the FOG!”

Eight-Year-Old Son: “Nope!”

Five-Year-Old Son: “Yes it is! Don’t you see it? Fog is right in your face. Please, I don’t need any reading to know that!”

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