Head Of The Crass

| Learning | June 15, 2013

(I teach classes in theater technology and run the performing arts center on campus. Consequently, I actually employ a lot of my own students as student workers. Sometimes non-theater students who work for me end up liking the subject and taking my classes. The relationship I have with workers vs. students can often be VERY different. One of my long time workers has decided to take a class with me after three years of working for me. We are taking our first exam.)

Student: “F*** you, man! I mean, come on! This is bulls***!”

Me: “Shut the f*** up and finish the f****** test, a**hole.”

(The student sits down and non-nonchalantly resumes taking the test. None of my other students bat an eye at this, as they are familiar with my teaching style and understand the joke.)

Unfamiliar Freshman: “THAT WAS AWESOME! I LOVE COLLEGE!”

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