Head Master Of Silliness

| Learning | February 1, 2014

(My teacher has a funny, and sometimes odd, sense of humour. Everyone loves her. It is just after we have returned from lunch break and are about to start English. Someone knocks on the classroom door.)

Teacher: “Come in if you’re good looking.”

(We hear the voice of our headmaster and start giggling.)
Headmaster: “Aw, man! Now I can’t come in. Miss [Teacher], can you make an exception for me? Pretty pleeeease?”

Teacher: *fake dramatic sigh* “Oh, I guess. [Student], would you please open the door for Mr. [Headmaster]?”

Headmaster: “Yay! I’m in!” *skips into the room* “Good afternoon, everyone!”

(We’re giggling too much to respond. Our headmaster finishes talking to our teacher then proceeds to skip from the room while singing. He was the most-liked headmaster the school ever had!)

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