He Will Not Be De-Feet-ed

| Romantic | October 3, 2013

(I decide to put our hands together, palms facing and laugh because my boyfriend’s hands are only marginally larger.)

Boyfriend: *quietly* “Yeah, I have small hands.”

Me: “That’s very sweet of you, babe, but I know I’ve got big hands.”

Boyfriend: “But you have slender fingers.”

Me: *laughing* “Okay, so I have long, wide hands.”

(My boyfriend glances down at our feet, which are side-by-side.)

Boyfriend: “I have little feet.”

Me: “Wrong again. I have wide feet from walking barefoot so much.” *I slip off my shoes* “See? I can never find a wide-width, so I generally have to wear shoes that are a couple sizes bigger or buy men’s shoes. But it’s sweet that you wanted me to feel good about myself.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah but it was making me feel bad about myself.”

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