He Who Hinted It Reprinted It

| Working | March 11, 2013

(I work for a fruit arrangements shop. My boss has just called me to make sure that an order has come through. He can be a bit condescending and hates to he wrong.)

Manager: “Did you get the two orders?”

Me: “Yes, although one of them was printed twice. It’s the exact same order, so I’ll just throw a copy out.”

Manager: “Why did you print out an extra? Why are you wasting paper?”

Me: “I didn’t print anything—”

Manager: “You know, I need efficient employees that do things right the first time, and you aren’t doing your job.”

(As he says this, I look up the order and discover who printed the duplicate.)

Me: “It says that you were the one that reprinted it.”

Manager: “…I have to go now. Bye.”

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