He Was Jerry Maguire’d

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(Some of our corporate bigwigs decide that they will work in some of the stores for a week. The executive we get tells us to treat him like any other staff member. We are unsure and try giving him the relatively easy job of running the counter but he insists that we give him proper tasks to do and specifically asks me what task I am about to do.)

Me: “Uh, I have to tidy a section, remove all the old sales labels, and then put up new bannering.”

Executive: “Okay, I will start on that; just show me what to do.”

(I show him where to get started and what to do before I head off to bring a ladder over because some of the work is too high to be reached. I noticed he’s only removing sale tags off the front items.)

Me: “There’s a tag on each item.”

Executive: “There’s a tag on each item and all handwritten. That must take you girls ages to do; why do it that way?”

Me: “We have to put a tag on everything and then take them off when the sale period is complete; we get sent the blank tags and have to write them.”

Executive: “How often do you do this?”

Me: “Every two weeks.”

(He gets on with his task and then notices what I am doing; I am removing heavy items of stock from one fixture.)

Executive: “I finished that job. Let me carry those for you… Wow, these are heavy; do you do this on your own all of the time? Why don’t you have someone help you?”  

Me: “There is usually only one other staff member on and they have their own tasks” *the service bell rings* “Excuse me, I just need to serve at the counter.”

Executive: *after I return* “You have to serve as well as do all this. How long do you have to complete this in?”

Me: “It needs to done before we go home today so we can put up the new ticketing tomorrow.”

Executive: “Tomorrow? These are on discount again tomorrow; how much for this time?”

Me: “The same price.”

Executive: “Why not leave the tags up?

Me: “We have to use different tags; they change every sale.”

(For the rest of the week, he does as many of our tasks as he can. He comes to say his goodbyes.)

Executive: “I am going to make sure that things change. I will be calling a meeting as soon as I get back. I am sure that [Owner] would have experienced the same thing I have here; you need more staff for the amount of work you are expected to complete.”

(We were supposed to write a review on his performance. He got a glowing one, but the reports put in by other stores on their executives were full of complaints; they got in late, left early, and spent the rest of the time on their phones. Nothing changed; in fact, our executive quit in frustration.)

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