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He Sounds Like A Joy To Work With

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My first experience working retail was also my last; the customers were bad but the staff were worse. There were some good people there, but they were in the minority. Most staff didn’t care about anything and wouldn’t cross the street to help you.

I was put with [Coworker] to learn the ropes. After an hour, I was sick of him. He wouldn’t train me or even talk to me; if I asked a question he would shrug or tell me to figure it out.

We were restocking shelves. [Coworker] wouldn’t let me help because I was doing it “wrong” but wouldn’t say how to do it “right”. I think I was doing it too quickly for him and he wanted to take as long as possible.

A man acting oddly walked past us both. A moment later, he knocked the stuff from [Coworker]’s hands, grabbed the charity collection from the till, and ran for it.

Not long later:

Manager: “Did anyone get a good look at him? [Coworker], he was near you.”

[Coworker] shrugged.

Manager: “What does that mean? Did you get a look or not?”

Coworker: “I don’t know, maybe. Does it matter?”

Me: “He stole from charity. Yeah, it matters.”

Coworker: “Doesn’t affect me, though, does it?!”

Me: “I got a look at the guy. I’m happy to give the details if I can swap partners.”

Manager: “I think that’s probably fair. Come to my office.”

I gave a description, and I think they caught the guy, getting most of the money back. I lasted six more months until I moved for university.

What’s worse is I found out the charity collection was for a dementia charity, something that both of [Coworker]’s grandparents struggled with.

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