He Sings What We All Feel

| Related | September 26, 2012

(I am about five or six years old, and have just come home from church. I am thrilled at what I have learned from one of the older kids. When I get home, I burst out the front door to talk to my dad, on the porch.)

Me: “Daddy! Daddy! Want to hear the song I learned in church today?”

Dad: *expecting to hear ‘Jesus Loves Me’, or of the sort* “Of course, sweetie!”

Me: *at the top of my lungs, on the front porch for the whole neighborhood to hear* “I HATE YOU, YOU HATE ME, LET’S HANG BARNEY FROM A TREE! WITH A KICK IN THE BACK AND A SHOT IN THE HEAD, AREN’T YOU GLAD THAT DINOSAUR’S DEAD?!”

(My dad almost falls off the porch laughing.)

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