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He Should Just Put A Plug In It

, , , | Right | February 17, 2020

(I’m in line at the local supermarket. The cashier is rather new and a bit slow sometimes, so people often lose their patience with him, but he is very nice, often making a bit of small talk with his customers, and I don’t mind waiting a bit longer when I’m in his line. Finally, it’s my turn. As I begin loading the already scanned items in my bag, he suddenly speaks up.)

Cashier: “I’ve never tried these. Are they any good?”

(I stop dead in my tracks, just looking at him for a few seconds. He has a pack of tampons in his hands and looks up at me expectantly. I have no idea what to say or if he’s even talking about what I think he’s talking about because… what?)

Me: “Sorry?”

Cashier: *gestures to the bottle of flavoured water I am just about to put in my bag* “Are they good?”

Me: “Oh! Yes, it’s delicious.”

(The rest of the transaction was spent in awkward silence. Not the best timing, dude.)

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