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He Should Be Keeping A Studious Eye On Who He Meets

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(I was pulled out of public school because my teacher violently assaulted and abused me in front of my entire class. In the years since, I’ve grown up; I’m nineteen and engaged. I graduated homeschool “high school” at sixteen, and then graduated with a bachelor’s degree this past year from college. I currently work on my family’s ranch. We are asked one day to attend a school fair, which we do. My fiancé and I set up our education/petting zoo before I am asked to help set up a classroom. I agree and head to the classroom where I start setting things up. A teacher comes in and introduces himself to me as I am setting up something on the floor with my back turned.)

Teacher: “Hello! I see they’ve put you to work!”

Me: “Well, yeah, not much to do while I wait for the fair to start.”

Teacher: “Are you with the dunk tank?”

Me: “Huh? Oh, no. I’m here with the petting zoo. Actually, my family owns it.”

Teacher: “Is that so?”

(It is only now that I turn to get a look at him, and my heart stops. My eyes narrow as I recognize my former teacher. He doesn’t seem to recognize me and extends a hand out.)

Teacher: “Well, I’m Mr. [Not His Last Name] and this is my classroom.”

Me: “Hello, [His Full Name].”

Teacher: “Are you one of my former students?”

Me: *thinking* “Yeah, I’m the one you went to jail for abusing!” *saying* “You could say that. Could I get a picture? Just to show my family that you’re still around?”

Teacher: *smiling* “Of course!”

(He posed and I took his picture. I quickly made an excuse to leave the room before running back outside and calling the police, as he was in violation of his parole AND the restraining order I had against him. With photographic proof, he was led away in handcuffs. My PTSD/ medical alert dog was right there doing her job when I came outside and broke down, and she helped me recover enough so I could still participate in the fair.)

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