He Really Socked It To You

, | Romantic | May 16, 2017

A few years ago, my boyfriend and I were going to be celebrating our one year anniversary together. I was excited because he was my first boyfriend and I wanted our anniversary to be special.

As it happens our anniversary is the day after Valentine’s Day so we decided to celebrate both but put more emphasis on our anniversary as it wasn’t a tacky holiday.

I decided to go all out because you never get another one-year anniversary with someone and I bought him tickets to a show he liked, and spent ages creating a scrapbook with pictures of our first year together and mementos of our dates, etc. in order to make it special.

The day of our anniversary arrives and am told that the first “present” is taking me on a five-mile hike round a reservoir in the rain but I keep on going with the thought of what special gift he’s gotten me. (Materialistic, I know!)

We get back, he opens my scrapbook, and spends ages looking at all the pictures and we’re both being sentimental about everything. What do I get in return? A pair of socks… I spent the rest of the afternoon crying because I’d put so much effort into my gifts and he’d literally gone to a shop and bought a pair of socks.

I still have the socks and I’m still with my boyfriend so I guess we worked it out. He’s still terrible at presents, though!

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