He Really Had NOTHING To Hide

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I have just left a department store and am a couple of metres from the entrance when there is the sound of the door security alarm going off. I stop and turn to make sure it wasn’t me that set it off, but I am too far away to have done so. There is a man in shorts and a T-shirt who has stopped between the sensors with a staff member approaching him, and there’s another worker at the service counter who looks to be a manager.

Manager: “Check that guy.”

Man: “I don’t have anything on me.”

Worker: “He’s not carrying anything. Why would it go off?”

Manager: “Because he stole something, that’s why. Check him.”

False accusations are highly illegal. The man is outraged but holds his anger.

Man: “You can’t accuse me like that.”

He holds out his hands to show he’s carrying nothing.

The manager ignores him and again tells the worker that he has to have hidden something to set the alarm off and that he will call the police.

The man is pissed.

Man: “I have not stolen anything and will prove it.”

He undoes the front of his shorts, drops them, and steps out of his shorts in just his T-shirt and underwear.

Man: “Come on, search me. You call the police and I’ll be pressing charges.”

The manager turns and quickly goes back into the store.

Man: “Yeah, gutless wonder, run away.”

He put his shorts back on and gave the gaping worker a death stare before stomping off.

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