He Makes No Apologies For His Apologies

| Jonesboro, AR, USA | Working | February 18, 2014

(At my grocery store, there’s this guy who is always friendly. It’s like watching poetry in motion. I once saw him deal with 10 customer questions back to back, with this huge, genuine smile on his face. Every time he sees me, he tells me to have a wonderful day. He greets everyone with something exuberant. He knows where everything is and manages to make you feel good about not knowing yourself.)

Customer: “Do you have anymore Irish cream?”

Employee: “I’m not sure let me check the back.”

(The employee leaves and returns.)

Employee: “I am deeply sorry; we only carry that in the large bottles of [Brand] now.”

Customer: “What?! You don’t have it in [Other Brand]?”

Employee: “No, ma’am. I am very sorry. We do not.”

Customer: “What about [Another Brand]?”

Employee: “I am very sorry, ma’am, but that too is discontinued.”

Customer: “But, but, why?!”

Employee: “I’m not sure. They always sold quite well. The only thing I can imagine is [Brand] did not want competition and requested to not have it.”

Customer: “But [Brand] always tastes off to me. Are you sure you don’t have any in the back?”

Employee: “I am, sadly, acutely positive of that, ma’am. I am very sorry that we have let you down.”

Customer: “But you haven’t let me down. This wasn’t your fault.”

Employee: “But, sadly, the folks who are responsible for this will never apologize to you. So I feel I must. Please have a good day.”

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