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He Lost Me At “Brain Stuff”

, , , | Right | March 19, 2021

I work for a national roadside/insurance/travel company. My primary job is to sign older drivers up for a “Safety Driving Class” that covers general safety tips. 100% of this is done over the phone; the classes are not regularly scheduled, so I often have to call folks back when we have a class available.

Caller: “Hi. I had my license medically revoked because I was in an accident where I flipped my car and ending up with a gaping head wound and some brain stuff. I need to take this class to get my license back.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear you were in an accident, but [Company] cannot reissue your license. Here is the number for the approved tester.”

I give the number.

Caller: “Oh, yeah, I have her number. The doctor gave it to me. But I thought you guys would be cheaper. When’s the next class?”

Me: “Sir, even if you take this class, we can’t get you your license back. We’re not medically trained to evaluate if you’re ready for the road. You need to call the number I gave you.”

Caller: “You’re no help at all. I’m going to call the [Company] customer service line. You’ll hear from the president about me!”

I never heard a thing, probably because, legally, there’s nothing we can do to help!

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