He Knows The Boss, Owner, President, And CEO!

, , | Right | April 22, 2021

I’m a freelance tech, working with specific video game systems and a few other machines. While I work with a few local stores, I don’t have any superiors, as I own the business. I get an email one day asking for a quote on a repair.

Customer: “I need a quote on a repair. It’s broken.”

Me: “Hi there! What machine do you have, and what specific model? Do you know what is damaged? If you aren’t sure, I can give an estimate.”

I don’t hear back for two more days.

Customer: “It’s a [Video Game System I don’t repair]. Don’t know what’s wrong. Need it fixed today.”

The system in question is a line of systems I haven’t yet learned to do repairs on, and as such, I have no tools or parts specific for it.

Me: “Unfortunately, I don’t work with [System]. I do know [Other Company] does repairs, so your best option is to contact them.”

Five minutes later, I get a response.

Customer: “You’re lying. I called your boss yesterday. He said you’d fix it in an hour. I’ll call him and tell him you’re lying.”

I’m very sure the person emailing is lying, as I’ve never had a boss in this business or even a partner. My boyfriend occasionally goes with me to pick up systems from the stores I work with, but he isn’t in any way part of the work. In addition, my only contact point is through email, as I have hearing loss and can’t hear over the phone.

Me: “Unfortunately, I am the only employee of [My Company]. If you did speak with someone on the phone, it was someone impersonating me. I have not ever worked with [System]. I can only refer you to [Other Company].”

A reply comes through another five minutes later.

Customer: “I’m going to file a report against you for fraud. Hope you can afford to close.”

A couple of days later, I’m at a store to drop off some finished repairs. I’m talking with the guy there, who also owns the store. I mention the person emailing me about my non-existent boss.

Owner: “Wait, was the emailer [Customer]?”

Me: “Pretty sure, why?”

Owner: “I’ve gotten a few emails from him, too. Then he called. He said he talked to the CEO of [Store] who promised him a free [System] and games. Started screaming at me and said he’d call the cops when I told him I was the owner.”

I asked the other stores I worked with, and most of them said they’d had some experience with that guy. Unfortunately for him, we’re all still in business.

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