He Is Her Bread And Buttercup

| Romantic | August 19, 2012

(I’m an employee working in the bakery of a grocery store. An older man comes up to me and asks me where we keep a certain product. I show him the direction to it.)

Me: “Let me know if you need anything else.”

Customer: “Could you tell my wife I’m over here, please?”

Me: “Sure thing.”

(I go over to his wife and point out where he is.)

Customer’s Wife: “I’ll be over in a minute, buttercup!”

(The customer slowly walks over to her, kisses her on the forehead.)

Customer: “I hate when you call me that, but I will always love you.”

Me: *to customer’s wife* “That’s so sweet!”

Customer’s Wife: “I’ve been making him say that once a day for the last 53 years, ever since he said it in our vows.”

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