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He Has A Point, But He’s Still A Jerk

, , , , , , , , | Working | September 12, 2023

I was talking to a coworker who grew up in a different country. He is always blunt with his wording, though I cannot decide if it is a cultural difference and I’m not used to it or if he knows what he’s doing and just doesn’t care who he offends. I do have several coworkers from the same country, and they are all pretty blunt, but none are quite like him.

Me: “I met my husband at summer camp. We—”

Coworker: “Summer camping? You met him in the woods?”

Me: “Yeah, summer camp. It’s, like… Kids come from all over to spend the summer doing nature stuff, crafts, games, etc. You don’t have, like, sleepaway camps?”

Coworker: “No. Our parents want to spend time with us.” *Laughs*

Me: “Yeah, well, this is America. We don’t get enough time off to do that.”

Coworker: “Another reason the American employment system is bulls***. No time for family.”

Me: “You came here. Must not be that bad.”

Coworker: “Well… Okay, you win this one. But summer camp is still stupid!”

Me: “Okay, [Coworker].”

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